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Scientists Present Proof of Intelligent Design
typing_sound wrote in cultofthemoment
There are five parts to this video, and I recommend watching them all. I did. This seems pretty solid to me, and definitely changed my thoughts on evolution and creation theory. After you watch the first part, you should be able to link to the second through the related videos, then after the second there will be a link to the third, and so on. Let me know what you guys think. If you can't find a link to the second part, try right clicking on the video and selecting "Watch on YouTube". :)

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Some more of it:

Biocosm, The New Scientific Theory of Evolution.

Intelligent Life Is the Architect of the Universe

by James N. Gardner

Why is the universe life-friendly? Columbia physicist Brian Greene says it's the deepest question in all of science. Cosmologist Paul Davies agrees, calling it the biggest of the Big Questions.

Thank you for this very interesting post. I shall watch the videos and get back to you.

Thank you

International Journal of Astrobiology 2 (2) : 115–120 (2003)

How bio-friendly is the universe?

P.C.W. Davies

Australian Centre for Astrobiology, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia


Abstract: The oft-repeated claim that life is ‘written into’ the laws of nature is examined and criticised. Arguments are given in favour of life spreading between near-neighbour planets in rocky impact ejecta (transpermia), but against panspermia, leading to the conclusion that if life is indeed found to be widespread in the universe, some form of life principle or biological determinism must be at work in the process of biogenesis. Criteria for what would constitute a credible life principle are elucidated. I argue that the key property of life is its information content, and speculate that the emergence of the requisite information-processing machinery might require quantum information theory for a satisfactory explanation. Some clues about how decoherence might be evaded are discussed. The implications of some of these ideas for ‘fine-tuning’ are discussed.

Key words: anthropic principle, biogenesis, fine-tuning, multiverse, panspermia, quantum information

I can't stand sophistry - just say it.

If life was spread en-masse throughout the universe then "God" did it, but if it is disbursed in a random fractal pattern of nearby collisions with life carrying planets then the conclusion MIGHT be that life is a haphazard random event.

Sounds silly. There is no way to tell if one pattern or the other provides any proof. As with a drop of milk in a jar of water life could spread or it might not!

neither theory offers simplicity enough to meet Occum's Razor.

That's right there's nothing we can prove about the origine of the stuff we call universe.

In this particular case ultimately all is sophistry.

Great video.

However, what confuses me is why scientists bother to prove ID when they can try finding a cure for cancer or AIDS.

I think of any practical application of ID unlike scientific concepts like rocketry or relativity.

I guess you wanted to say: "I can't think about any practical application..."

You're right, the matter with ID is more philosophical, religious and ultimately ideological.

The quest for the origin of life is a valid scientific topic.

And scientists have differents specializations.

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